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At the time of our birth often we have marks on our body which grow in size and dimensions as we grow. Many times these marks are not likes by us, and we want to do away with them while there are others who do not care much about these marks. Dimple in Jalandhar is available at medical institutes providing facilities of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Removal of birthmarks moles to a large extent depend on their location and size. People do not wish to bear expenses if the birthmark is not directly visible. In other cases, if it happens to be covering a large part of the face, neck, legs people may be willing to spend the amount on cosmetic surgery and get rid of it. The other reason to get rid of it is medical reasons which make it mandatory for the person to remove it as in near coming times it may grow in size and become a cause for taking life. In other words, birthmarks can be fatal calling the attention and diagnosis of dermatologists or other specialists depending on its nature and area of origin.

¬†Origin of birthmarks is still a vast topic of study for the researchers. Medical experts are investigating the field and attempt to come out with the solution. Tracing the causes will help them to understand its effect which will make way for many other processes to get rid of birthmarks depending on their origin. The medical team has been successful in its efforts to some extent. They have found out that most of the birthmarks are the result of congenital skin deformities congenital melanocytic nevus and port wine stain the later also known as fire mark and owe its name to the color which is similar to red wine in Portugal is discoloration of human skin which occurs due to the vascular anomaly. The later is the result of high concentration of body’s pigment melanin which is a problem common not only to humans but all the mammals.

Depending on the cause of birthmarks doctors categorize them into two pigmented and vascular. The former is the result of the concentration of color giving pigment melanin concentration of it in particular area leads to a patch of skin different darker from even tone of skin on the rest of the body part. Common birthmark falling in this category is moles which can occur anywhere, anytime in all different shape a, size and dimensions. Many of them exist ever since birth very rare may develop later on the skin due to sun tanning causing pigmentation or other reasons. Mongolian spots are another kind of grey spots occurring in lower abdomen and buttocks for people with dark skin therefore they are more common among people Asian and African descent which also indicates the genetic factors playing a role in transmitting birthmarks. Disproportion spreading of melanin on the skin leads to the occurrence of brown spots on the body which have different shape and size and asymmetrical and irregularity in their structure. Vascular birthmarks originate when blood vessels have some abnormalities in the function and structure leaving the marks on skin red or purple in the shade. The abnormal development of blood vessels occurs due to the lack of nerves reaching the cells which cause them to widen and dilate. Blood collects in the area giving the skin dark red color. It grows in size with age to the extent that it can cause disfigurement and physical, and emotional trauma to a person. Overgrowth of elliptical cells which surround our blood vessels gives rise to pink spots which are called hemangiomas. Salmon patches are also the result of dilated blood vessels due to their different locations they have different names.

The best answer to the question of removing the birthmark comes from the doctors and dermatologists who diagnose the birthmark study the cause and evaluate whether it is risky for health or has no effects. They analyze the growth pattern and developing the structure of birthmark if, it happens to be rapid and interfering with the functionality of other organs they recommend removal of the birthmark.  Hemangiomas may not be a matter of concern if, they are somewhere on the neck or forehead but if it encircles the eye and surrounding area it may interfere with the eye growth and vision thus in such a situation it becomes advisory to get rid of it through the medical procedures and surgeries. Research studies have also shown that these birthmarks are sometimes indicators of malfunctioning in the body and they hint the problem which may be fatal. Studies have found a connection between the occurrence of port wine stains on the face and person suffering from neurological disorders which may result in seizures and other brain-related problems. Removal of birthmark other than medical reasons is also valid as they disfigure the appearance and many times makes person victim of jokes and sarcastic remarks. Whatever be the reason expert advice and guidance is essential for safe removal of birthmarks.

Technological advancement has opened the ways for removing unwanted marks and moles and getting the appearance that makes you more beautiful and confident in every manner. The surgical procedure is a direct method of removing the birthmark and making the skin flawless however it works better for small birthmarks which facilitate the easy cutting of ski without much blood loss and stitching the wounds and incisions tightly leaving fewer marks. Surgeon studies the structure of birthmark and recommends surgery, in which he applies local anesthesia, pulls out the roots of birthmark and stitches the area. Surgeons to minimize the appearance of scars after surgery make use of tissue expansion technique which involves the use of balloon beneath the skin and letting it within for a few days. As the balloon expands it, stretches skin after surgery this skin helps in covering the scars and making it look more natural and flawless.

Laser light treatment has hands above the surgery. It is becoming more and more popular among people. The pulse generating heat helps in destroying birthmarks, reducing their size, controlling their growth and making them lighter in appearance. This strategy works more efficiently for vascular birthmarks, but it is a painful procedure and sometimes do not remove birthmarks from roots resulting in re-appearance and re-emergence on the skin which then makes a person to opt for surgical procedures. Beta blocks are the treatment procedure specific to the hemangiomas as it involves blocking the flow of blood to the birthmark thus preventing it from growing further in size and existing cells die thus the story of birthmark comes to an end, but the treatment has side effects of nausea, headaches, and insomnia which are difficult to handle. Corticosteroids are alternative to betas blocks people who are not comfortable with the side effects of the former opt for the later ones which include direct injecting of anti-inflammatory hormones into the area covered with a birthmark.

Apart from the medical methods, there are some natural methods as well which can help the person to win a fight against birthmarks. These methods work more effectively on birthmarks with small size and shape. Apple cider wine has properties which can help you to fade away moles from the skin after regular use for a month or so depending on the color and location of the mole. Similar to cider juice of lemon have the properties to fight the shade of birthmark and fade it away making it less noticeable. Medicinal herbs like neem and turmeric are also good friends of healthy and flawless skin. They can also be part of your home remedy to do away with the mole on top of your nose or left cheek. An additional benefit of these home remedies is they have no side -effects instead all ingredients are good for healthy skin so if they will not wash away the birthmark they have the benefit of replenishing and reviving your skin.

The ways and processes of removal of birthmarks and moles are many which make it difficult for the person to make a choice. It is advisory to be wise when you have to decide the process which will help in the removal of birthmark. One should also work out the necessity to undergo the painful procedures of removing a birthmark if it does not have medical reasons for extraction and also do not hinders much with the appearance and looks one should opt for the natural processes which will provide some help and also save the person from painful procedures and medical recommendations. The medical procedures for removal of birthmarks are costly, painful and do not assure full guarantee therefore be wise enough to risk the money and comfort for the same. A detailed talk with the doctor about the benefits and success rate of the procedure you want to undertake for removal of birthmark will help you to frame the decision.

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