photofacial and medifacial treatments in Jalandhar

Photofacial and medifacials are skin treatments that can help to treat a wide range of skin conditions such as dull skin, uneven tones, acne, scars, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Photofacial treatments include light-based technology to correct skin problems. Whereas medical treatment includes a number of techniques and methods. There are many different types of photofacial and medifacial treatments in Jalandhar


There are two different types of photofacial procedures including,

  • Intense pulsed light (IPL). In this procedure, a beam of light with high intensity is focused on the skin tissues due to which the skin begins to heat up and destroys unwanted tissues and the immune system of the skin helps to eliminate damaged tissues and generates new healthy tissue. It can treat a number of skin conditions at the same time.
  • Light emitting diode (LED). It is a very gentle procedure in which a narrow spectrum of light is used to boost collagen, which is essential for plumper, glowing and young skin. It also kills the bacteria that causes acne or other skin problems.


  • There are many different types of medifacials. Some of the most common types of medifacials include:
  • Mesotherapy is a non invasive procedure that uses injection of vitamins, fillers, and other ingredients to provide a youthful appearance.
  • Microdermabration is a minimal invasive treatment which involves sanding of the outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it. It can reduce wrinkles, folds and improve the appearance of the face. This procedure cannot treat deep scars and acne.
  • Electroportation, also known as non-injectable mesotherapy, uses electric pulses to treat a number of skin problems such as dry or dead skin cells, wrinkles, folds and scars.
  • Hydrafacial is a resurfacing treatment that opens the pores of the skin by removing blackheads or white heads.
  • Micro-needling. Micro-needling is a minimal invasive treatment that uses tiny sterilized needles to boost collagen production of the skin. It is one of the most common types of medifacial treatments that stimulates the production of collagen and treats the skin naturally.
  • Chemical peel is a non-invasive and most commonly used treatment which provides a smooth, moisturized and glowing skin. There are many different types of chemical peels in the market.

There are many cosmetic hospitals and dermatologists that can provide photofacial and medifacial treatments in Jalandhar.


  • Quick procedure. Both photofacial and medifacial are quick procedures. However, some procedures such as LED photofacial and Microneedling can take some time to show results.
  • Safe procedures. Both procedures are considered to be very safe. However, there can be some mild risks of infection or allergy, but overall the procedure shows great results.
  • Lasting procedure. The lasting effect of the procedure varies depending on the type of procedure. Photofacial procedures can last about two or more years, whereas some medical procedures can last only for months, but it depends on the type of the procedure.
  • Effective procedures. Both procedures are very effective. Some procedures show immediate results, where some may take time but they show great results and provide glowing and younger skin.
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