Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery aims to reconstruct the patient’s face, neck, Jaws and head.

You mat observe easily that these body parts have a huge impact on the look of the person. Therefore, people with maxillofacial issues wish to undergo proper treatment with both aesthetic and functional goals.

Maxillofacial Surgery not only reshapes the face and other parts but it also improves the appearance as well.

The defects in these areas may take place due to injuries, illness, or birth defects.

Maxillofacial surgery Procedure

Like other surgical procedures, the surgeon has to think about your anesthesia option as the first step of the surgery.

After that, the surgeon is supposed to treat the problematic areas with the most suitable procedure.

Usually, the procedure depends on the body part and its present conditions.

Sometimes the surgery is finished in a single session and at times, the patients need to visit the clinic for multiple times to obtain proper results.

Benefits of Maxillofacial surgery
  • Authentic and reliable treatment
  • Improved functions of hand and wrist
  • Safe and secure surgery
  • Proper aftercare
Why should you choose maxillofacial surgery?

The patients coming to a cosmetic clinic may have different functional or aesthetic requirements and meeting these needs is never easy for an inexperienced surgeon.

However, the experts of the Multani clinic are fully capable of treat the patients with the help of their extraordinary treatment.

The team of the Multani clinic has the proper qualification to perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Therefore, they do not make even a single mistake while talking to the patients in the initial stage or performing the main part of the surgery.

In Addition, they provide proper post-treatment care to ensure full recovery with favorable results.

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