Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat Transfer Procedure

As the name suggests, in this surgical procedure, a surgeon removes fat from one part of the body and transfer it to another part. This procedure is also called lipo modelling.

The main goal of the surgery is removing unwanted fat from a part of the body and at the same time, this removed fat is used to increase the size of another area.

It is just like killing two birds with one stone because you solve two problems by a single action.

Performing this procedure is not a piece of cake and the surgeon have to be well-qualified and trained to yield successful results.

Therefore, Multani clinic can be a proper place for the surgery because of its high-quality and authenticity.

Benefits of Surgical Fat Transfer
  1. Removal of excess fat
  2. Increasing fat in required areas
  3. Efficient and safe procedure
  4. Improves confidence
Surgical Fat Transfer procedure

The expert of Multani clinic is supposed to administer general or local anesthesia before the surgery.

After this step, the surgeon makes small cuts in the skin to suck out a certain amount of fat from the skin with the help of a tube-like device.

This fact is separated from blood or other fluids with specialized tools.

To end the surgery, the surgeon inject a small amount of fat into the treated area without using stitches.

The surgeon may divide a single session into two separate sessions if he has to treat a larger area.

Why should you need Surgical Fat Transfer?

Removing an appropriate amount of fat from a body part and transferring it to another area can be very complex if the surgeon does not have proper training and experience in the procedure.

However, the experts of Multani clinic perform the surgery with full confidence since they spend considerable time with the patients to know about his expectations.

They examine the physical condition of the body and then decide to carry out the surgery.

Therefore, we are known as the best place for surgical Fat Transfer Procedure .

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