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Hair removal in jalandhar | Punjab "

Laser Hair Reduction

Are you fed up of hair removal efforts you make to remove unwanted hairs from your body parts?

If yes, we have a permanent solution for frustration.

The ideas like shaving and waxing are uncomfortable and you have to apply these ideas repeatedly because hairs on your body parts come back soon and you have to shave or wax again.

Therefore, we have a laser hair removal technique to provide permanent and satisfactory results.

If you have undergone the procedure under the supervision of a trained and experienced plastic surgeon, you will get rid of your unwanted hairs for a longer period of time.

Moreover, the hairs will grow back with reduced thickness.

Additionally, using laser technique for hair removal is totally safe for body parts like your chest, bikini area, underarms etc.

Laser hair reduction procedure

During the procedure, the laser hair removal expert is supposed to laser light on your skin hairs.

The laser beam will pass through your skin to burn the hair follicles.

The time duration of this procedure depends on the body part you need

the treatment for.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • Eliminate hairs for a long time
  • Totally safe procedure
  • Provide a smooth and silky skin
  • Quicker treatment sessions
  • Time-saving treatment
Why should you choose Laser Hair Removal

If you wish to remove your hair permanently, fix a meeting with board-certified experts of Multani clinic.

Our team of experts has earned suitable degrees and certificates in dermatology or cosmetic surgery.

Our doctors have specialized knowledge of laser hair removal and treat you only after proper examination of your skin.

Before starting the treatment, we ask about your medical history and discuss the possible benefits of laser hair removal.

Our experts also provide appropriate instructions to ensure successful hair removal after the treatment.

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