PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is one of the best non-surgical hair loss treatments.

Several reasons are responsible for hair loss, such as improper diet, chronic disease, change of seasons, hair products, poor immunity, genetic reasons, hormonal disturbance, stress, medical reasons etc.

Normal hair fall occur as a part of hair growth cycle but this cycle can be disturbed due to these reasons and finally cause severe hair loss.

Home remedies and other temporary approaches are not usually sufficient for severe hair loss because of underlying reasons.

Therefore, the patients need assistance of a well-trained hair loss expert.

Here at Multani hair restoration clinic, our experts are ready to diagnose and treat your problem with the use of extra-effective hair loss treatments like PRP therapy.

PRP Procedure

The expert of Multani clinic extracts some drops blood from your body and spins it into a centrifuge machine.

Quick spinning of the machine separates the blood into different layers called PRP poor plasma, PRP rich plasma and Red blood cells.

Your expert is, in fact, interested in Platelet Rich Plasma. Therefore, he collects Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP in a separate test tube.

As the next step, the expert uses PRP to make special injections that are further injected to the scalp of the hair loss patient.

PRP has growth factors that are known to stimulate hair growth.

Benefits of PRP

  • No side effects
  • Totally safe
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Quick and visible results
Why should you choose PRP treatment?

PRP is a great hair loss procedure but it is effective only when a highly qualified PRP expert prepares PRP injections.

Extracting PRP from the blood and preparing PRP injections is not a piece of cake due to the complex steps of the procedure.

Therefore, if you are making a plan to have PRP, come to the Multani clinic for effective PRP treatment.

At the clinic, our experts perform every step of PRP with ultimate efficiency and expertise to obtain satisfactory results.

Therefore, it is sure you will leave the clinic safe and sound with a satisfied face.

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