Tattoo Removal

Today’s young generation like to design tattoos on their body as a trend. Designing a tattoo is a painful process but it leaves the person happy if the tattoo is designed beautifully.

However, a badly designed tattoo may affect the look of an individual.

Therefore, it is quite possible you are not happy with the design of a tattoo on your body or you wish to remove a faded tattoo.

Moreover, you feel your body is experiencing allergic reactions or infections because of the tattoo.

In these cases, you need high-grade tattoo removal procedure in an authentic cosmetic surgery center.

Tattoo removal procedure

Tattoo removal is an outpatient procedure that is initiated with local anesthesia. Tattoo removal experts use procedures like laser surgery, surgical removal, and dermabrasion.

During laser surgery, powerful laser beams are applied on the tattoo to shatter the ink of the tattoo.

Surgical tattoo removal is done with a scalpel after the administration of local anesthesia.

After the surgery, an antibacterial ointment is applied to fasten the rate of healing.

During dermabrasion, a high-speed rotary device is used to sand down to remove the tattoo from the body part.

Benefits of Tattoo removal treatment
  • Improves improperly designed tattoo
  • Eliminate risks of infection or allergies
  • Safe and trusted treatment
  • Raise the self-esteem of the patient
Why should you choose tattoo removal?

At the Multani clinic, the experts are highly skilled in plastic surgery techniques. Therefore, removing a tattoo is not a big deal for our team of doctors.

The procedure Tattoo Removal procedure.

is not easy but we try to make is less comfortable for the patients.

It may take considerable time to remove a tattoo completely but we do it with utmost care and responsibility.

As a result, our patients get optimum results with ultimate satisfaction.

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