Laser skin Whitening Treatment in jalandhar

Laser skin whitening treatment in Jalandhar is aspiring many women to lighten the dark complexion and experience the white tone skin. Fairness in girls especially in ancient times or for that reason in the modern era for some orthodox people is a degree which can fetch you a better match or a house after marriage,  and therefore dark complexion girls were made to feel inferior and less privileged in comparison to fair complexion girls. Superstitious Indian families considered dark complexion as a curse for the wrong and evil doings or past sins which made girls victim of biases and partial attitude. Discrimination against black complexion is not common to India alone the developed country of the world, Superpower nowadays, a dream country for many the United States of America have records of discriminating against blacks and considering them unfit for political and economic activities thus segregating them from the social structure of the country. South Africa was a victim of apartheid system prohibiting the blacks form rights and privileges which were considered to be the rights of Europeans.

Viewing these social issues from a medical point of view it becomes evident that there is no difference in physiology and neurological framework of black or white person or any other complexion. Melanin produced by the cells within the skin called melanocytes has a high concentration in dark skins. Other factors also play a role while determining the color of skin to name some geographical area exposure to sunlight. Equatorial areas have, a high concentration of UV rays and their effect declines as one moves away from equator affecting the complexion of people respectively. Tanning which occurs due to direct exposure to the sun is the way of skin to fight ultraviolet rays which damage the skin and cause mutations in DNA of skin cells.

The article talks about color discrimination, but in no way stands in its support and motivates the dark people to look for methods and processes to lighten the dark tone of skin. Dark complexion person is as beautiful as a person with a light tone one should be able to express beauty and spread it all around. The attempts to have fair skin or alter the dark complexion should be taken up by the person willingly and with an attitude to try something different and new as you do with your hairstyles or dresses. It should not be out of inferiority complex or stand among the white people. God, has made each one of us unique and different and one must respect that uniqueness and accept the grace and elegance we have in our different colors, shapes, and sizes.

 There are natural ways available which one can try to lighten the tone of skin, but the only problem with them is they need time and patience which is difficult to find in a modern world where everyone is running out of time and cannot wait for things to progress slowly and steadily. Advancement in medical science comes to the rescue at this point by providing the treatments which do not involve much time and yield fast results.

Laser light skin whitening is the technique making use of short pulse light on the target area which stimulates the growth of fresh new skin cells and leads to a lighter tone of skin.  The technology has undergone modifications time and again since 1980 to minimize its side effects and increase over its advantages which have led to the emergence of different types of laser light treatments.  Ablative resurfacing refers to removal of top and sub-layers of the skin by vaporizing the affected tissues. It provides a permanent solution to the problem but also involves high risks and severe side effects and recovery period for this treatment extend to fifteen to twenty days. Carbon dioxide laser beams contain a mixture of gases which promote collagen and elastic tissue production removing the pigmented skin, wrinkles and spots and providing new youthful skin. In erbium laser erbium doped solid-state laser is used to do away with the scarring, damaged and dark skin. Non-ablative laser resurfacing is opposite in working to the former it does not disturb the top layer of skin and target the affected skin tissues. It has advantages in terms of a recovery period which is short as the topmost layer of skin is intact and faces no disturbance. It is not a onetime process and needs several visits to fetch the expected result. Fractional resurfacing is a combination of former and later it gives efficient results and also minimizes the risk of recovery and side effects. It makes use of micro beams of energy to hit the target areas from the dermis, epidermis to lowermost layer of skin.

Fractional resurfacing and non-ablative resurfacing stimulate the body to produce new tissues which give a young and radiant look, but they lack the perfection and glow that comes from the use of non-ablative laser resurfacing treatment. IPL laser skin resurfacing is a treatment which makes use of light of different wavelengths to target the skin. It has an advantage that it allows the surgeon to alter the wavelength of lasers according to the type of skin texture and tone of skin and spots at different layers. Less strong Laser beams can be used to remove pigments not deep within the skin and vice versa. It helps in fast healing and meet the expected outcome.

The fast results that one can enjoy in terms of smooth, white, radiant and glowy skin after laser light treatment makes it common among the people to prefer it. Ablative laser treatment shows you commendable improvement and that also involving less time at the most two sittings with a surgeon whereas rest all other laser light treatments demand more number of visits to the surgeon. The additional benefits which the treatment provides do wonders and win the heart of people. The laser light treatment is an effective way to get radiant skin, but it also solves many other skin issues like wrinkles, spots, lines and removing dead cells which adds to the glow and beauty of your skin. Laser light treatment involves professionals for skin whitening. Trained doctors and dermatologists provide you with the laser light treatment which makes it safe for you and you can trust and establish your faith in the doctors after interacting with them about their experience and knowledge in the same.

The laser light treatment disturbs the natural set up and functioning of pigment-producing cells which can often result in hyper pigmentation or hypo pigmentation that is darkening and lightening of skin respectively. Everything as a price which we need to pay so is the case with laser light treatment it does come with side effects which if persist for long need medical care and attention. Skin scabbing, blisters, swelling and redness are some of the common after effects one should be ready to face.

Treatment involves pre-laser light process visits to the dermatologists in which they give you products depending on your skin types to nourish your skin and prepare it for the process. It begins six weeks in advance to the actual process. The food items and habits like smoking which make the skin dry need to be stopped as dry skin heals lately and also shows fewer impacts. The creams will be given to open the blocked pores and clogs on the topmost layer of skin they also boost the production of collagen in the skin. Consumption of alcohol is out of the question before and after the surgery and doctors will also advise you to limit your exposure to sunlight and if essential cover the skin with sunscreen lotions and ointments. Pretreatment meetings give you a chance to talk about your problems and clear your doubts with dermatologists so that later you face no confusions and complexities. It prepares you for the entire process and healing period after the treatment.

Laser light skin whitening is an expensive process and also demands qualified practitioners these two conditions do not make it possible for all to witness it, but there are other procedures which can enable you to experience light tone of skin and fair complexion. Dermabrasion in which abrasive materials are used to exfoliate the dead skin or use of chemical peels to remove the layer of dead , dull cells from the topmost layer of skin, and make way for lighter skin tone. Laser light whitening process outnumbers all other measures to get the radiant and glowy skin, but the only thing you need to work on is the professional who will be performing the treatment on your skin. Talking to the professional and understanding the pros and cons of different types of laser light treatment will help you to choose among different laser light treatments. You can also talk about the precautions and safety measures which can help you to minimize the side effects and helps you to enjoy the benefits of even, white, and radiant skin.

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