Fractional CO2 Laser

If you are looking for a treatment for aging signs, scars and wrinkles, Fractional CO2 Laser treatment may serve your need effectively.

This treatment is used widely by cosmetic clinics because of its positive effects on skin laxity, fine lines, scar marks, and other skin issues.


This treatment is extremely effective but you should only expect desired results if a qualified and experienced laser treatment experts carries out the treatments.


The main idea of this treatment is applying nano-level microlasers on the affected skin with the help of an error-free software.


After the treatment, the treated site heals quickly and the patients enjoy more youthful look along with improved texture and color of the skin.


This treatment is extremely useful for Atrophic and acne scars, skin tightening, benign superficial growths, and stretch marks.


Fractional CO2 laser treatment Procedure

The main objective of Fractional CO2 procedure is removing columns of skin where the surrounding skin is left intact for healing.

To minimize discomfort and pain, the expert may apply sedatives or topical anesthetics. Moreover, the expert is expected to prescribe some pre-treatment and post-treatment medicines to obtain better results.

For comfort during the procedure topical anesthetic may be applied or sedative medications may be prescribed to reduce discomfort.

The patient may feel burning sensation but it is a minor side effect and should subside on the first day of treatment.

Benefits of Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment

  • Advanced treatment for wrinkles
  • Safe and secure procedure
  • A single treatment for multiple skin issues
  • Quick recovery
Why should you choose CO2 laser treatment?

At Multani clinic, we provide multiple extraordinary cosmetic treatments and CO2 laser treatment is one of them.

With many years of experience, our experts will treat you with the help of ultra-effective tools and advanced techniques. So, the results are going to be favorable and satisfactory for the patients.

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