Vitligo Surgery

Vitiligo is known as a skin disease that is responsible for white patches on the body parts like neck, face or arms.

These white patches are usually harmless and cause no pain but the odd color of the skin makes the patients self-conscious. Therefore, the patients may feel uncomfortable in social gatherings.

There are several treatments that are prescribed for the patient but the most preferred treatment is surgical treatment of vitiligo.

Melanocytes cells provide skin its color and when these cells died because of certain causes, white spots take place on the skin.

Vitiligo procedure

During the procedure of surgical treatment, the surgeon removes healthy cells from the donor areas and transfers them to the diseased areas. Therefore, this surgery is also called skin grafting.

The experts of the Multani clinic do not treat the patients without checking the candidacy of the patients. They examine the white spots thoroughly and ask about medical history and health conditions before making a final decision to treat the patient.

Benefits of Vitiligo surgery
  1. Removal of excess fat
  2. Increasing fat in required areas
  3. Efficient and safe procedure
  4. Improves confidence
Why should you choose Vitiligo surgery

The experts of the Multani clinic have proper interpersonal skills to communicate with the patients who come to the clinic with a weak self-confidence.

Our high-class vitiligo surgical treatment is effective in nature and efficiently done by the doctors of the clinic.

Therefore, you can believe in our clinic if you wish to regain your confidence with proper treatment of vitiligo surgery.

In our clinic, you can be assured of superior treatment at a high success rate.

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