About Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery , as the name suggests, is conducted to reconstruct a body part to correct its shape. This is done by repairing the damaged tissues of that area. The tissues may be damaged owing to different reasons including accidental injuries, illness or birth defect.

Reconstructive surgery has been divided into several categories including Breast Reconstruction, Facial Reconstruction, Foot and Hand Reconstruction, Lip and Palate Repair, Scar Revision and Tissue Expansion. While some of these are conducted as a part of a medical treatment to improve the function of a particular body part others are done to enhance the look.

Many people undergo Reconstructive surgery each year. Multani Clinic has helped several people reconstruct different parts of the body to help them function better and look good. The procedure is complicated and needs to be carried out with caution. Our team of expert plastic surgeons are well-versed with the procedure. They know the step by step process of conducting this surgery efficiently and follow the same diligently.

Only a person with good overall health should go for Reconstructive surgery . People who have chronic health problems such as high diabetes, heart problem or high blood pressure should refrain from it. The surgeons at Multani Clinic determine whether a person is fit enough to undergo the procedure before suggesting him the same. They also inquire if the patient is ready to switch to healthier lifestyle post the surgery before starting with the same as it is essential for the recovery process. Complete information about the pre and post treatment care is given to the patients to ensure an effective outcome.

Reconstructive surgery at Multani Clinic is carried out under hygienic conditions. High end medical equipments are used for this purpose. The equipments are all clean and sterile to ensure good patient care.

Multani Clinic has a proven track record of performing numerous successful Reconstructive Surgeries.

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