Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery

Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery

Hand and microvascular surgery is performed to provide optimum treatment for the issues related to the hand and wrist.


Qualified surgeons of the Multani clinic treat patients with traumatic or non-traumatic problems.


Common aims to provide the treatment are repairing hand injuries, congenital issues, arthritis, finger abnormalities, trigger finger, free-tissue transfer, carpel tunnel syndrome etc.


To perform hand and vascular surgeries, the surgeons are often trained in hand ligament reconstructions, elbow replacement, brachial plexus surgery, TFCC injuries, nerve repair, tendon transfer surgeries, congenital anomalies, wrist arthroscopy, Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery etc.

. Hand & Vascular surgery procedure

Before the surgery, the expert examines the affected area properly and then, he decides appropriate surgical treatment along with medications.

The treatment is not exactly same for every problem because of different underlying reasons and varied conditions of hand, wrist, or fingers.

Just like surgery, post-operative care is also important. Therefore, the surgeon does not avoid this area and provide detailed aftercare instructions to the patients.

Benefits of Hand & Vascular surgery
  • Authentic and reliable treatment
  • Improved functions of hand and wrist
  • Safe and secure surgery
  • Proper aftercare
Why should you choose Hand & Vascular surgery?

The experts of the Multani clinic are optimally trained in hand & vascular surgery and they have handled a lot of cases successfully.

The approach of the clinic’s experts realistic and they make sure they use ultra-modern tools and techniques to cure hand and wrist abnormalities.

Thus, you can believe in the treatments provided by the Multani clinic if you have any issues related to your hands.

Our experts are going to treat your problem with full responsibility and they will not leave you even after the treatment.


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